NCR53c94 SCSI driver?

NCR53c94 SCSI driver?

Post by suo.. » Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:00:00


 I'd like install linux on a PC (an old ICL DX66) which has a scsi disk,
with NCR 53c94 ship based scsi card. I understood from the SCSI-HOWTO that
there might be a alpha driver for it. Does it work? Is there another way
to get my disk working?


        Mikko Suonio


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Wait a Time, i found a supporter that tries to write the Driver. If this  wont
go, a second project (VM86 INT13) is running. This will support the Controller
over the Bios-Routines.

Got the same PC here, should run as Gateway and Router. The Onboard SCSI is
very fast with the NT4 Driver which is used in some of these PCs in our

Eric Wick

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