Lan card driver, Linux works -NT niet

Lan card driver, Linux works -NT niet

Post by Trout » Sat, 27 Dec 1997 04:00:00

    Looking for a driver support for NT for a lan clone using a
Winbond 86C940.  Got it working fine with Linux but cannot
find a driver on the net for 4.0.  If  you are dual booting and using
a card with this chip please let me know how you got it working
with NT.  I tried what looked like an NE2000 generic driver in NT
but it faulted.
Any tips would be appreciated.


1. NT and Linux: LAN connection in NT messed up Linux networking

I have a pentium II 300 system on which I installed NT and RedHat Linux
5.0 recently. The hard drive is 9.1 gb scsi and came partitioned by Dell
into drives C, D, E, and F. NT was installed on C. I deleted the other
partitions and made them into Linux partitions and installed redhat 5.0.
The dual booting worked fine and in both NT and Linux I had successfully
set up internet connection (TCP/IP).

Then someone suggested that I get the machine hooked up to the local
network (Novell, I think, Windows network). So in NT we went to the
control panel and told the machine that it is a member of a workgroup. It
seems to work: we were able to connect to the LAN and access the network
files on a J: drive that wasn't existant before.

However, when I rebooted to Linux, networking didn't work anymore. I tried
to fix it  by things like "route add default gw ...", but I got
complaints saying that network is unreachable. (I'm sure I typed in the
correct gateway address.)

And the next time I rebooted it, it almost haulted when it came to the
eth0 part, saying that it's trying to overwrite PCI value or something
("was set at 32, now 240", or something like that.)  It's a painful long
wait before it finally booted up. But networking is still down.

Knowing that it's all caused by LAN connection in NT, I tried to somehow
disconnect from the LAN in NT. But strangely, I could not change the
identification of the machine from a member of a work group to that of a
domain. It complains that domain controler can not be located. So I got
stuck in some LAN group.

Frustrated, I tried to eliminate all network services from NT except
TCP/IT (which still works). Frankly, I didn't really know what I was
doing. But the effect of all that fiddling is that the network still
remains unreachable to Linux, and when I boot to NT I got some random
complaints, too.

Could someone help me out! I was so frustrated that I was thinking about
wiping out everything and reinstall from scratch...but perhaps that's
neither rational nor necessary..

Thanks a lot in advance! Please send a copy of your reply directly to my
e-mail address if possible:


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