Can I run with a Diamond Stealth with S3 968

Can I run with a Diamond Stealth with S3 968

Post by Bernard La » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00

I need a fast video and apparently the Diamond Stealth with S3 968 is
a good choice.

  - Xfree will not be available for it for another few weeks.
  - I am constrained to buy fast and check my system immediatly.

  If I buy a Diamond with S3 968, will I be able to run X, and check
my system. I would be happy with X running temporarily in SVGA
resolution, or another degraded mode.

  Alternative, is there a real cheap video card that one would advise
to run my system while waiting for the Diamond to be usable.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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I've tried to figure out how to set up this video card for X, but with
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I'm on the topic, my monitor is a Sony Multiscan 17sf.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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