Experiences with Micron Millenia Plus?

Experiences with Micron Millenia Plus?

Post by Michael Hirs » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm considering one of the Micron Millenia Plus Machines for use
primarily with Linux.  It's their SCSI workstation.

Has anyone had experience with this model, or with Micron in general?
I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Post or email is fine.  I'll summarize responses if people request it.

Thanks a bunch,
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1. Need help with SMC8013EWC in Micron Millenia Plus under NetBSD 1.0

Okay, I've suffered in silence long enough - anyone using an SMC8013 card
successfuly in a PCI machine under NetBSD 1.0? The card is working fine under
Windows NT 3.5 and DOS (when I can load all the TSRs/drivers and still have
enough TPA - oops, er, I mean "low memory" - available for the apps).

The machine in question is a Micron Millenium Plus with a BusLogic 946C SCSI
controller (PCI), an ATI Graphics Pro Turbo (PCI), and a SoundBlaster AWE32
(ISA). The SMC card is an 8013EWC or Combo card (ISA) is configured per the
defaults for the GENERICBT boot floppy as regards IRQs, IO addresses, et
cetera. In fact it works fine when I'm running off of the boot floppy.

But when I booted the newly installed system ed0 was useless - keeps spitting
out "ed0: NIC memory corrupt - invalid packet length 0" messages. I've tried it
with a rebuilt GENERICBT kernel, and with a custom built kernel with all the
goodies like loadable kernel modules, and I still get these messages instead of
carefree network utilization.

When I try to ping one of the Suns on my network I *do* see some ARPs coming
from the PC, and the Suns do get the correct MAC address in their ARP tables
for the PC. But it looks like the PC just can't read the packets out of the
card's buffer because it never registers a response to the ARPs, nor responds
to a ping from one of the Suns.

I did try changing the parameters but that wreaked havoc on the NT side and I
typically only have a half-hour or so of consciousness left to play with this
stuff at the end of the night. Other anomalies that might provide clues:

        PS/2-style mouse port will hang pretty much any X server, so I
        stopped using it - haven't evicted the driver from the complete
        kernel, haven't disabled the hardware. Having the mouse on a serial
        port is working fine with XFree86 3.1.2.

        Other than the boot floppy, the machine can't reboot itself. It
        just hangs whenever you use reboot(8) or shutdown(8) -r.

        I'm using loadable kernel modules and the aperature driver in the
        full/custom kernel. I have not disabled the new 4.4BSD kernel
        security feature relating to access to /dev/mem (or whatever - from
        the XFree86 notes for NetBSD).

Thanks in advance for any hints/help/suggestions. In the worst case I suppose
I'll wait for the 1.1 release and grab one of those nifty Digital 21041 based
PCI cards...


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