Obtaining status information from Logitech wireless kbd & mouse

Obtaining status information from Logitech wireless kbd & mouse

Post by Dennis Henrikse » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:22:31


I have been searching for information on how to obtain status
information from the Logitech wireless keyboards and mice.

For ordinary keyboards it is well known how to query the keyboards for
the LED status. For the Logitech keyboards I would suspect that the
method of obtaining battery level and RF channel information would be
similiar - write some magical values on to port 70 and read back the
response on poort 71, only I don't have a clue what those magical values

Does anyone here know the answer to this ?



1. logitech cordless freedom kbd + optical mouse: freezes during apm load

I have a dual boot WinXP/RH7.3 system.

I *had* a normal keyboard plus the logitech wireless optical mouseman mouse
(wheel, four buttons, wireless connection to USB receiver) and all worked
fine under both WinXP and RH7.3.

I then bought a Logitech "cordless freedom optical" keyboard/mouse combo
(basically, same mouse as above plus a wireless keyboard connected to a
common USB receiver).  It works fine under WinXP.

When I tried to boot under redhat 7.3, it stalls as apm is loading.
Any ideas what's wrong?  

Does this keyboard work with Linux (I guess it's effectively a USB keyboard)?  

Do I need some special tweeks to the startup?  Is the RH 7.3 hardware
autodetect (whatever program they use) unable to detect this change?

I did some googling, but no answer has yet appeared to me.

Any help/pointers greatly appreciated.

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