Overriding driver module for NIC - FC5

Overriding driver module for NIC - FC5

Post by bryonv » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 21:34:13

Hi All,
I did manage to do this once before, but could someone please tell me how
to get Fedora 5 to load sk98lin module instead of sky2 module for my
88e8053 yukon ethernet card.
I have manually >rmmod sky2 and >modprobe sk98lin temporarily. Working
MUCH better now.
Thanks in advance

1. NIC problems in FC5 upgrade

Just upgraded a workstation from Fedora Core 4 to 5. Did the upgrade
After doing so, the NIC eth0 wouldn't come up. It gives an error that
it may be unplugged.
(A RealTek on the mobo nic.)
I rebooted into WinXP and it still worked fine there.
So I rebooted back to FC5 and it still says it's unplugged.
I reran the network setup, and changed it from DHCP to manual
IP/subnet/gateway. And now it acts like it's online, I can restart
/etc/rc.d/init.d/network and it says "OK", but no actual connection.
(Reboot to Windows, still fine.)
Is this a known issue with FC5? Any ideas?


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