RHLinux 7.2 2.4.9-10 kernel lost tape device

RHLinux 7.2 2.4.9-10 kernel lost tape device

Post by macbu » Sat, 18 May 2002 04:02:05

I just started using RHN up2date. I let the thing update the kernel to
2.4.9 (the old kernel was 2.4.7). Suddenly, I can't access the tape
device. It's a Quantum DLT7000 that we used to access via /dev/nst0.
We never customized the kernel before--the tape device was always
there. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

1. ppp server problem with Redhat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7-10

Please help me as soon as possible.My network in down for this reason!:(
I installed Linux Redhat 7.2(Kernel 2.4.7) and portslave under it for PPP
connection and so on.
I have configured portslave with out any problems.When I dialed to my Linux PPP
server, I authenticated successfully, even my remote radius server reported
that authenticating and accounting was successful.The problem start here:
Linux send a error message that PPP module not loaded or didn't compile with
Kernel try using modprobe -v ppp and ... ,finally disconnecting user.
I have ran /usr/local/sbin/pppd-radius by hand and got same error, then the
problem is here.But...
I have compiled PPP as module and configured my /etc/module.conf:
alias ppp ppp_async
alias /dev/ppp and ....
even I have compiled PPP in to the kernel.
Any way my problems is:
1.I have not ppp.o file(I think my problem is it)!
2.When I ran "depmod -a" then "lsmod" I can see that ppp_async.o and slhc.o
  is loaded, but pppd-radius could not be execute!
I have not compatibility problem: ppp-2.4.1.tar.gz which compatible with my kernel.
I have compiled kernel successfully and update my lilo and so on.It's mean I
have not compile problem.
Why ppp.o doesn't exist!
How can I solve this problem?Please

regards - K.N

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