Memory based MP3 player recommendation?

Memory based MP3 player recommendation?

Post by Big Daddy Butthe » Sat, 31 May 2003 04:32:20

I would like to buy a flash memory based portable MP3 player which will
sync nicely with Linux?  Any recommendations?



1. PowerPC based Car MP3 Player

I was thinking of building an MP3 player for my car.  In the long run,
I will add modem support through my PCS phone to be able to do simple
web browsing (check Mapquest, for example; web-based e-mail, etc.) and
hopefully wireless Ethernet/Wake-on-lan capability.  I would like to,
in the beginning, bring it inside and update the files via Ethernet
(SAMBA server), but eventually do this over Wireless Ethernet.

Is there a PowerPC embedded system with sound, ethernet, and TFT
support?  I found a Pentium based solution for $400, but I was
wondering if someone knew of a PowerPC based solution in that price

I figured that with the PowerPC's strong FPU, a cheaper PPC solution
might be available that could run MP3s.  Does anyone have any

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