SoundBlaster 16 SCSI 2 card

SoundBlaster 16 SCSI 2 card

Post by Jim Dove » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

How do,
        I've just hear that I can get some 17Gb SCSI cards for a song, and I'd
like to press my SoundBlaster 16's SCSI interface into action, but I'm
not sure how to go about it. I know about the kernel options et al, but
when I tried setting it up in the RedHat install procedure, it wasn't
recognised. OK, I admit there weren't any SCSI drives attached to it at
the time, but it finds the chipset, yeah? Or will the whole test come
out blank without a drive attached? Here's what I have according to the
Adaptec EZ-SCSI manual that came with the card (it was part of a
second-hand computer, you see). I quote from the manual:

AHA-1510/1520/1522 -- Non-Bus Master host adapters for PCs qith an AT
(ISA) bus. Creative SoundBlaster 16 SCSI-2 also resides in this

AIC-6260/6360 -- SCSI protocol chips. Creative SoundBlaster 16 SCSI-2
uses the AIC-6360 controller chip.

...there are others, but these are the only ones to mention SoundBlaster
cards, so I presume these are the ones. The kernel (and the RedHat
config) include options for the Adaptec 152x cards, which are the ones
I've chosen before and which have returned an answer of "you do't have
one of them in your system"...

I'm rather looking forward to getting a nice 17Gb disk, so I'd love it
if someone could tell me if I'm going to get any joy out of this, or
whether I'm going to have to get a standalone SCSI card for Linux to
recognise it.

Thanks in advance,


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would like to change that.  I've read the Hardware HOWTO and it doesn't
mention this board.

Thanks for any help!

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