Linux SMP on Supermicro Dual P3 / Intel 840 boards

Linux SMP on Supermicro Dual P3 / Intel 840 boards

Post by Spam Bai » Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:34:07

> Hi,

> I have acquired a couple of Slot 1 P3 800s, and I'm looking for a board
> to install these to (will be running a current distro of RedHat or
> Debian : haven't decided yet...).

> On paper, the SuperMicro Dual Slot 1 boards seem to have the best
> performance, but trawling through Google seems to suggest a few problems
> with these boards running Linux.

> The boards are the Super P3DM3, P3DR3, P3DRE (all variations on an i840
> chipset theme....)

I know you asked about the above Supermicro boards, but might I suggest an
alternative?  The Giga-Byte GA-6BXDU
(  It is rock-solid for me
with dual P3/850 processors and 768MB of PC100 RAM.  I've been using this
board for about 2 years and have never had a single complaint.  I'm
currently running Red Hat 7.3 + kernel 2.4.19 on it.


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1. SMP Linux on an intel 840 based board.

I am merely curious as to how well the linux kernel handle symetric
processors.  will I need ot write all my own code to take advantage of
the second chip?  will the kernel pass things off to the second chip
during high-load times?

I am merely curious, and it's tougher to get good information aboutthis
than one would think...

thanks, any help would be appriciated.


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