Supported sound card with digital input (SP/DIF or optical)?

Supported sound card with digital input (SP/DIF or optical)?

Post by Thorsten Oh » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Is there a supported soundcard with digital input?  [I want to read my
audio DATs ...]  AFAIK the Soundblaster AWE64 only has a SP/DIF
_output_ and neither the Soundblaster Live! nor the Terratec card is
supported.  Are there any other cards available or are drivers for the
two mentioned expected RSN?  Thanks!
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1. SP/DIF cards (Digital Audio IO)

Hi netters,

are there any SP/DIF cards beeing supported by linux ?

(Someone told me that somebody else is working on a driver for
the ZA1 card (made by Zefiro Acoustics)... is that true ?)


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