Need 1024x768 modeline for NEC 3FGe & Diamond Speedstar Pro

Need 1024x768 modeline for NEC 3FGe & Diamond Speedstar Pro

Post by Luc Boerbo » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I am setting up my XF86Config file and can't get the 1024x768 resolution
running. Could some one give me the modeline for the following hardware

NEC MultiSync 3FGe monitor
Diamond Speedstar Pro card
Chipset cldg5428

Thanks very, very much! Luc Boerboom


1. Diamond SpeedStar Pro (not SE) @ 1024x768

I am using the Diamond Speedstar Pro (not se) with linux.  It works in
resolutions up and including 800x600.  At 1024x768 however, it creates
a series of flashing short bars on the left side of the screen.  Most all
of the graphics on the screen tend to flash.  The dot clock is at 65.  I have
also tried it at 64.89 with the clockchip designated as "cirrus".  I have
tried fast_dram, slow_dram, no_accel, and some other settings.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?  Please not
biased and unhelpful comments about not buying diamond products.


Michael Benson
Computer science graduate student at George Mason University

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