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Hi Guys, I used fips last night to partition my hard disk on my laptop.
I downloaded it off the internet.

1) I booted using the fips system disk that the docs asks you to make.
2) I repartitioned using fips to 4.3 (for win 98), and another disk 2.1
(later for linux)
3) It displayed at the end that the partition was complete, however a
system error about an invalid or bad device was displayed and said that the
system is halted now.
4) I rebooted CTRL-ALT-DEL into win98, I saw that there are two disks,
    C: is now 4.3G, but D: is an invalid disk or device.
5) I rebooted back using the fips boot disk, and resotred the original
config using restorrb.
6) I displayed c: it was still 4.3 G. Then I rebooted into win98, and
instead of what was originally 860MB full and 5.1G available, it's now
~2.9G full and rest available.
7) I rebooted back using fips disk, and ran fips again, but didn' t
continue after I saw that fips recognized all the 6.4G, or 6.1 as it
8) Rebooted in win98 and I got the original configuration, and that kind of
interrupted my heard attack and I as well as the computer went back to
9) I defragmented again. BTW, I defragmented before using fips as
10) I shut down the computer and went to bed.

PLEASE, I need some help, I am sick and tired of running that win98 stuff,
I need a real operating system running.




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NCR53-810-0: regdump : da 10 80 33 47 08 00 1f 01 08 00 28 80 00 08 00
NCR53-810-0: have to clear fifos

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