Conroller recommendation?

Conroller recommendation?

Post by Vincent Calho » Wed, 26 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have a dilema maybe you gurus can solve.  I have a 420Mb hardrive and a
1gig hd.  My BIOS will not read the gig w/o the lousy disk manager.  What I
want to do is add a new controller with it's own BIOS and put the gig on it.

Now my quaestion:
1)  Can I do this?  Eventually I want to put 2 high capacity drives on the
new controller and 2 regular drives on the controller built into the
motherboard.  Is this possible?
2)  Will a controller with its own extended BIOS eliminate the need for the
disk manager?
3)  Can anyone recommend a good controller?  Is it compatible with DOS,
Warp, WIN95, and LINUX (of course)

Thanks for any help

A frustrated hardware newbie
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1. Help Mylex RAID conroller

Hi I know maybe is this boring question but I hawe this problem !!
I installed SCO 5.04 system with RAID 5 and 3x9GB drives.
When partitoning drives I coluld only see 8,6GB....
My question is
1. How can i get the rest of RAID ( 8,6GB ) visable or this is maximum
2. When maximum is 8,6GB witch procedere shall i use if  I define
    1drive as RAID 7 ( stand alone drive ) and 2 drives as RAID 1
    witch LUN addres has RAID 1 system with 2 drives ????

Help  I must delivery system on thursday !!!



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