FlashPoint and Kernel panic -- problem

FlashPoint and Kernel panic -- problem

Post by Dieter Rohlfi » Mon, 13 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> I have FlashPoint SCSI adapter with 3 disks and 1 CD on it.

Which model (controller, harddisk and CDROM) ?

I have a FlashPoint KT-950 with 2 IBM DCAS 4 G (UltraWide) and an old
Quantum Maverick 516 MB (FastSCSI) and a Plextor 12Plex CDROM. The IBMs
are connected to the 16-bit-bus, the other devices to the 8-bit-bus.

I've reduced the Quantum speed to 5 MB/sec, SCSI ultra mode is disabled.

This runs flawlessly under Linux 2.0.33 since 4 months, I've never had
any failure with this box.

I've no definite answer to your failures, but possible problems can be:
- old devices (SCSI-1, speed to high)
- ultra mode and cable length
- passive termination (use active in ultra mode).

Dieter Rohlfing


1. Problems when boot new kernel 2.5.66 kernel panic

Hi my name is Jesus Delgado from Mexico City:

  I need help for resolve this problems, compile kernel 2.5.66 in rh 8, update
my lvm to lvm2 utils, devmapper, modutil 2.4.24, when try to boot with new
kernel recive this messages:

   VFS: Cannot open root device "rootvg/lvol1" or unknown-block(0,0)
   Please append a coorect "root=" boot option
   kernel panic
   VFS= Unable to mount fs on unknown-block(0,0).

   In my new kernel the modules this into kernel not how modules.

   In kernel 2.4.20 the boot OK with LVM

   Help please.


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