Orchid SoundWave 32, anyone?

Orchid SoundWave 32, anyone?

Post by Andrew Manneri » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I'm sure I'm not the only person with a Soundwave 32 board, so I hope
someone can help out here....

I've currently got Linux booting via loadlin, after the sw32 configuration
program has set the ports, dmas and irqs needed. The kernel (1.2.11) is
set up with:
        Soundblaster (p220, i7, d1)
        Adlib (opl/2) (default)
        MPU 401 (at port 300h - Theres an AHA1542 SCSI card at 330h)
These are set to the same configuration as used in the sw32 program. My
main problem is the lack of 16bit sound. The soundblaster setting only
seems to give 8bit. Using one of the later SB setups in the kernel
doesnt seem possible as it asks for additional settings I dont have.
Some time back I vaguely remember someone mentioning that another board
(either the GUS or PAS) used the same chipset. I tried these but they
have additional settings too.
If anyone has managed to squeeze 16bit sound from their sw32, could they
let me know how...Doom isnt quite the same without sound... :)

Alternatly, are there any patches for setting the sw32 card from linux
boot, rather than through ms-dross? Or are the details restricted by
Orchid? Having to use loadlin just to set the card may become a problem
when (if...) Windoze 2095 arrives.

Andrew Mannering


1. Stealth 32, Orchid Soundwave 32 and Sony CDU33a

I have a couple of problems I need help with:

1) I have an Orchid Soundwave 32 sound card.  To that I have attached a Sony
CDU-33a.  My problems with this are the following:

    a)  I have to boot DOS first to get the sound card to work (and load the
midgen.ld or mt32.ld).  
    b)  I also have to boot under DOS first to get the address configured for
the CDU-33a from the soundcard.

Has anyone written a patch for the CD-ROM problem and does anyone have a
loader for the Soundwave 32?

2)  X-Windows configuration:

    a) No matter what I do, I can't get the video configured right.  I have a
Diamond Stealth 32 ET4000/W32p card and an NEC 3FGe Monitor.
        I am aware that X-Windows doesn't support most Diamond products, but I
don't see why it still won't work using the W32 driver.  I have even tried the
SVGA server, but with the same results.  The biggest headache I have is
setting the dot clocks.  I get a message about not being able to set mode
because there are no defined clocks for it.  I have tried the XFree Config
included and its a no go.  I looked through every doc I have and come up bust.
 Can somebody please save my sanity!  I am trying to get i
t to work in 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, in 8bit, 16, and 32, if possible.  
Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Linux 1.1.59 currently (Slackware) but I also have version 1.2.3
floating around somewhere.
My machine is a 486DX2/66(Intel) 8meg, Diamond Stealth 32 ET4000w32p (2Meg
board, DRAM) Sony CDU33a attached to the Soundwave 32, Conner tape backup
(250M), and it is slighty modified to run at 80 Meg.  2 Western Digital Hard
drives (540 and 210 Meg), Linux on the second (210).

Pleze help!!!!!!

webpage http//:www.primenet.com/~nme/index.html

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