IBM ThinkPad 560X & Panasonic KXL-810A

IBM ThinkPad 560X & Panasonic KXL-810A

Post by Timo Sakari Leppiniem » Fri, 24 Mar 2000 04:00:00


 I have a "small" problem with Panasonic KXL-810A scsi cd-rom,
actually the problem is with the scsi adapter... It kinda works fine
when I put it in the machine, but when I reboot my laptop, it
can't unmount hd's... When I don't put the adapter in the machine
it works fine! I have PCMCIA irqs 9 and 10 this  q logic card is in irq
there are no conflicts in base addresses, nor in irqs
I use Suse Linux v 6.2
Is there a way to manually change PCMCIA card's "properties" eq.
irqs, base, or DMA??

 - timppa


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New install for a first timer.  Installing RH5.1
Autoprobe is not detecting my PCMCIA Panasonic KXL-810a CD-Rom.

The PCCard SCSI is a Panasonic KXLC004
Under Win95 the settings are:
    mem=000c0000 - 000cfff
The CD Rom is at Matchita KME CDROM07
The PCMCIA under Win95 was listed as PCIC or Compatible with
    IO=03e0 - 03e1

The Laptop is a Toshiba T2115CS with 28MB Ram, 320MB hard drive.

I have tried using the settings and specifying.
aha152x=0x340,11,7,1  which gave error -  "I can't find a SCSI device
anywhere on your system"

I appreciate your help.

Jeff Hinrichs

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