Ask for MediaGx drivers (specially for video FrameBuffer

Ask for MediaGx drivers (specially for video FrameBuffer

Post by Simon Le » Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:18:33

Dear  all,

We would like to look for the MediaGx drivers, especially for video
FrameBuffer, for the kernel of linux 2.4.19. We are  much appreciated for
any of your help, thanks.

Sincerely yours,


1. Want framebuffer drive for cyrix mediaGX

I am working with a SBC (mediaGX+CS5530). I am looking for the
framebuffer driver that can running successfully. I am using kernel

I had tried some ways:
1) using the native driver on the website of National-Semi, but I
found in its code:

/* If we are in hires mode, get that mode */
if (screen_info.orig_video_isVGA != VIDEO_TYPE_VLFB)
return -EBUSY;

When booting on my SBC, the value of orig_video_isVGA is 1, not
VIDEO_TYPE_VLFB(0x23), so the initialization can not go on.

2) I found that someone had said that the vesafb could work using
"vga=0x303, video=vesafb", but I also found that in the code for
vesafb, the orig_video_isVGA also would be checked.

3) I found that Alan Cox had written a drive for mediagx in 1998, but
after I looked through the code, I guess it was written for kernel 2.2
or even older, because the pci structure used there is not for kernel

There are so many kind of SBC using Nation-Semi GX processors on the
market, but I have not found a working framebuffer driver for almost
one week, can someone here help me?


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