Iomega ZIP (parallel vers) on 386DX-20

Iomega ZIP (parallel vers) on 386DX-20

Post by Roha » Thu, 03 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I have a parallel port ZIP drive attached to a 386.  It is recognised and
mounts fine.

Large files (>1.5M) copied to the drive using FTP (localy or across the
network) or samba (mounted on a Win95 machine) cause error messages along
the lines of "host has closed connection" or "drive not available" and
until the orange (busy) light on the drive turns off, writes or reads from
the disk are scrambled or unavailable.  Usually the error messages appear
towards the end of the writing of the file and usually the write turns out
to be successful.

My attempts to fix this problem include:
  * changing timing parameters of the ppa device (as much as doubling them,
    without significant effect)
  * reducing the network buffer size using the window parameter in the route

Can anyone suggest the source and a possible fix for this problem

Rohan Tronson


1. Iomega ZIP parallel zip drive under red hat linux 6.0 problem solved

Thanks to all that sent me suggestions on how to get the $%(#!! thing
working.  Help, particularly the free kind, is always appreciated.

Success came when, contrary to what the FAQ implies, I discovered that
a parallel port zip drive is not ALWAYS /dev/sda4.

On my computer it happened to be /dev/sdc4 -- maybe that's because I
have 3 SCSI adapters in it and a handful of SCSI hard drives and peripherals.
I dunno.

So if you're ready to take a chainsaw to your spiffy new ZIP drive because
you've done
  $ insmod parport
  $ insmod ppa
  $ mount -t vfat /dev/sda4 /zipdrive
and all the damn thing says back to you is
    mount: /dev/sda4 is not a valid block device
try /dev/somethingelse, in particular /dev/sdb4, /dev/sdc4, and so on.

Phil Geiger

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