Looking for a driver for the Qlogic Fast Scsi IQ PCI card.

Looking for a driver for the Qlogic Fast Scsi IQ PCI card.

Post by Snoop » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have the driver for kernal version 1.2.13

But that driver will not work on the newer kernals.

Any help would be appreciated


1. Qlogic Fast!SCSI - IQ PCI

I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 5.1, but with no success. My
machine hangs during instalation after probing  the SCSI card.
<4>SCSI0: Qlogic ISP1020 SCSI on PCI bus 0 device 8 irq 11 base 0x6100
<4>SCSI  : 1 host.
_   (Hangs here)

I am trying to install on the following system
1. K6 233 on a VX chipset MB
2. 64 meg mem
3. S3 Virge
4. Qlogic Fast!SCSI IQ PCI-D, Bios Rev 5.09, ISP Firmware Rev 2.26 with
7 devices attached.

I am new to Linux and this is my first attempt to run it.  Any help wrt
to the problem and/or directions where to find help will be appreciated.

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