Matushita LF-100 performace

Matushita LF-100 performace

Post by Toshinao Ishi » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I have DVD-RAM/PD drive (LF-100) and its performance, especially
writing performance, become very bad in linux-2.2.16.

Up to 2.2.15, scsi.c was responsible for the DVD-RAM driving. I found
this is changed in 2.2.16. In 2.2.15, I could make partitions to the
the read/write performance was not very bad. At lease I could do other
jobs while copying to DVD-RAM. But in 2.2.16, fdisk says that I have to
set heads sectors and cylinders manually, which I do not know, and
when writing a 600MB class file to PD, the foreground job can be quite
a lot disturbed by the copying.

Please let me know how can I help to solve this problem.         Thanks.



1. Can't boot an HP NetServer 4/100 LF

you need to use the 1.2.13 kernel, at the least.  check out:     (patch files for 1.2.13+)         (patch files for 1.3.21+)

also look into the aic7770 mailing list.  there should be some information
at these sites about it.  your netserver has an embedded adaptec aic7770 scsi


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