HELP: On Binary I/O, V.35, Modems, IPX

HELP: On Binary I/O, V.35, Modems, IPX

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>4.In the LINUX documentation I could not find any support for V.35
>cards. Is this final?

Perhaps look into the RISCOM cards, I've been using a N2/1 for a couple
of months now with great satisfaction, not under Linux though.

They supply linux drivers for the board, I tried version 012 of their
drivers some months ago with disastrous results, but I see they've
evolved to 101 by now. Guess I'll have to experiment again one of those

Glossy leaflet:
Linux drivers:

Reinout Heeck
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1. HELP: On Binary I/O, V.35, Modems, IPX, Battery Backup

1. What is the simplest/cheapest  way to connect external DIP switch
to a LINUX box (at least 3 bits). I thought about using for instance a
free printer adapter's read-pins (paper-out signal etc.), but I am not
sure how to read (if at all) directly from the card under LINUX.

2. Similar I want to drive a few LED's (similar problem)

3. I want to use an internal modem, but to put status LED's outside
the box (preferable without soldering). Someone knows about an
internal modem with connectors to external LED's?

4.In the LINUX documentation I could not find any support for V.35
cards. Is this final?

5. Rumors say that the current IPX drivers are unstable. Anyone can
tell me more about that? (Even better if from own experience)

I want to build a LINUX box with a small battery backup, just in order
to perform orderly shutdown in case of power failure (not a real UPS
if possible).
1. Does anybody know a (not to fancy) motherboard that would support
battery backup?
2. Is there any provision in LINUX for battery backup and any power
level sensor (as used for UPS'es) triggering shutdown and where would
the sensor be connected to physically?
Thanks for any help!!

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