Video-for-Linux Phillips Chipset

Video-for-Linux Phillips Chipset

Post by Markus Hoffman » Sat, 07 Dec 2002 19:04:40

does anybody have a TV-Tuner-Card like the MEDION MD5044 with the 7134
Chipset from Phillips and brought it into operation with a SUSE 8.0 Kernel
(2.4.18)? I want to do so but I dont know how. There should be a
kernel-module available to be loaded at runtime. Can anybody pass that to
me, if necessary together with a modified Kernel?

thanks in advance


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         I'm thinking of buying a Sony PCG-F150 notebook that uses
     a NeoMagic video chipset (or so I've been told).  Does anyone
     know if that chipset is supported under linux at this time?
         Thanks for any feedback.
                                                   Phil Jones
                                                   Ottawa, Canada

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