DDS3 dat drives

DDS3 dat drives

Post by Martin Becke » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to use a DDS3 ( 12Gb dat ) on linux.  
The drive appears to only operate as DDS2.

Transfer rate is about 300kb/ss using tar or dd and the tape reports
full after around 4Gb.
The drive hardware is set to compress by default.

Has anyone got a DDS3 drive to work fully under Linux.

System is HP 1554 drive, Adaptec 2940, Redhat 5.0 kernel 2.0.34


Martin Beckett,         Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge


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I have Redhat 5.1 Linux system running and recently bought HP DDS3 DAT
drive. It seems that dump/restore program is the go for my situation. I
have two problems.

First, i can not back up more than one file system, even if i use
/dev/nst0 which is non-rewinding device.  When I store more than one
file system, restore command only shows first file system and sometimes
reports Input Error. Please help me. I didn't install any device driver
because it didn't have one with it.

Second question. for dump program what tape density and length value
should I use?


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