Dat-3 Streamer: Read Linux Tapes with HP-UX

Dat-3 Streamer: Read Linux Tapes with HP-UX

Post by Matz » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 07:31:37

The Problem:
Our Dat-3 Streamer works fine with Linux (Suse 7.0).
Now I want to read Linux-Tapes with HP-UX 9.
So I plug the Streamer to this HP-UX  Machine.
When I try to read the Linux-tape now, i get an "input/output error".
BUT I can create, write and then read new tapes with HP-UX and the same
Streamer/Tapes .

I guess there are some paremeters different in HP-UX.
Maybe: blocksize OR  bytsawpping OR....?

How to create tapes that both HP-UX and LINUX can read???


1. How can I make HP-UX read Linux dds (dat) tar tapes?

        Linux box with new fancy HP dat drive can read HP-UX (800 series) tapes
        just fine.  

        HP can't read DDS tapes generated on Linux via:
                mt setblk 10240  // use fixed length records
                tar c ./*        // tar default blk factor 20 ==> 20*512 = 10240

        I have verified that the HP generates tapes with 10240 byte records,
        and that the Linux box generates tapes with 10240 bytes records.

        HP system says "tape error" on all forms of access.

Has anyone had any luck getting linux and HPUX to talk via dds tapes?

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