Redhat 71 + 3Ware 6800 + raid 5 + IBM disks + disk crash

Redhat 71 + 3Ware 6800 + raid 5 + IBM disks + disk crash

Post by Franc » Wed, 29 Aug 2001 01:59:01


I have:

Asus CUSL2
512M RAM
400W Power Supply
3Ware 6800 latest firmware/driver
Monitor version: ME6X
Firmware version: FE6X
BIOS version: BE6X
PCB version: Rev2
Achip version: V4.40
Pchip version: V5.70
Model: 6800
Linux 2.4.2-2 #1 Sun Apr 8 20:41:30 EDT 2001 i686

IBM DTLA-307030 30G x 4 + one DTLA-307030 hotspare
in RAID 5 configuration

We have it put under testing for a month, and there were 6 reported
failures of:
Drive error encountered on port 2 on controller ID:0. Check cables and
drives for media errors. (0xa)

The ports are quite random. It has been port 2, port 0, port 4, etc.

Everytime, we took the drive offline, use IBM Disk Manager to re-scan
for bad sectors etc, and put it back. It again came back with same

3ware support suggested the latest firmware. We put it on, but same
results. So we change the whole array to RAID-10, and put it under
stress testings for a week. So far no problem on any drive. So drives
seem good.

We reported the scenario to 3ware support again, but so far no
response. I have heard success stories of RAID-5 on the newsgroups
with more drives than we do. Any one has similar experience to share
as I do? Just want to confirm if this is a cable error, disk error,
RAID5 not working inherently, or 3ware card hardware problem?

Uniforce System Ltd.