kernel panic -not syncing :fatal exception in interrupt(fc3)

kernel panic -not syncing :fatal exception in interrupt(fc3)

Post by yangjinsh.. » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 19:03:21

 server hardware:Dell  2850(two Xeon 2.8GHz/2G/146GB*3)
 os: fc3

 I have  3  dell 2850 servers,last date they usually crashes,with the
following error:

       eax:73e4a8f2 ebx 00000000 ecx5f44...
           esi:1df09a80 edi:1df09a80 ebp:fffffffff
           ds007b   es:007b ss:0068
          process swapper(pid:0 threadinfo=023ae000  task=02306s60)
           call trace:
       <0>kernel panic -not syncing :fatal exception in interrupt

             Any suggestions are welcome.
            Regards steven yang


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Today our linux box crash with this message:

   Kernel Panic: skput: over<####> dev eth3
   in swapper task not syncing

Before that, the server work fine and never crash. Some change was made in
this days:

1) In the sever, 8 hour before, I put a 200 MB file.
2) Since 2 days, the server was running a script to log all traffic with the
command tcpdump.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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