SIIG multi-port serial card prob

SIIG multi-port serial card prob

Post by Eric W. Wampn » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have a 4 port 16550A card made by SIIG ,
High speed, Hi-IRQ I/O Expander 4S

I am having trouble configuring this card under Linux.
It can supposedly do Com1-Com4 (I/O ports),  but I have not been
successful in configuring 6 ports in the machine, trying
multiple configurations of I/O ports, and scrounging an IRQ for
each port.

An Example of a configuration which fails is
Com1 IRQ 4  I/O 3F8  Onboard    Okay
Com2 IRQ 3  I/O 2F8  Onboard    Okay
Com3 IRQ 5  I/O 3E8  SIIG       Failed
Com4 IRQ 7  I/O 2E8  SIIG       Failed
Com5 IRQ 9  I/O 3F0  SIIG       Okay
Com6 IRQ 15 I/O 3E0  SIIG       Okay

(Failed means that setserial failed to find the port after manual

I have checked all the devices in the system and con't find any conflicts,
I am aware of the problem with Com4 and some VGA cards, but moving to
Com5-8 for the SIIG card does work.



SIIG multi-port serial card prob

Post by Wa » Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Would like to know whether the default Slackware 1.2.13elf kernel supports
using multi-serial card ?!

And please advice on whether there are other alternative cards (and the
costs) available beside the SIIG card.

I know there are some so-called multi-serial cards which support Xenix V
or SCO Unix and could they work with Linux as well as I remembered someone
say that Linux is close to SCo Unix somewhere in one of the newsgroups
on Linux ?

Many Thanks.


1. Install Siig Serial Card Redhat 9 probs

I am trying to install a Siig PCI serial/parallel combo card on redhat
9 to use with a modem and am missing something.  This is a Compaq
DL380 with one on board serial port which has a modem that is
/dev/ttyS0, everything there works great.

I installed the Siig PCI card and booted up the machine and Kudzu
detected it correctly and installed the card.  So now I have it in my
# lspci | grep Siig
01:03.0 Communication controller: Siig Inc Duet 1S(16550)+1P

However, when I check the kernel I only see the information for my
onboard ttyS0 like this:
# cat /proc/tty/driver/serial
0: uart:16550A port:3F8 irq:4 baud:19200 tx:13969 rx:32283 brk:574

What steps do I need to take to get my second device listed in the
above cat?  I have plugged a couple of working modems (hayes, usr)
into the PCI serial port and rebooted but nothing works.  Evidently
there is a manual step to activate my pci card/modem that I am

I dont understand if I have modem config probs or PCI card config
probs.  Isnt it the card itself that needs to have /dev/ttyS1 assigned
to it? then the OS does not care what device I plug into the card it
will just send data out the port and it is up to my hardware modem to
do what it needs to do?  obviously i need some help here.
Thanks for advice.

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