optical drives and optical media

optical drives and optical media

Post by Paulo Nogueir » Sat, 04 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Could someone out there enlighten me (a bit) on the
 pros/cons of the available optical media/drives? I am not
 interested in capacities, prices, etc (that I can surely
 find out), but rather on their logical structure, on the
 filesystems supported, and on their easy of use.

   What I mean is the following: right now, the following
 main types are available: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM (and DVD+RW),
 and MO.

   On one extreme, we have the CD-R and its write-once media.
 CD recording is a bit tricky, because a CD-R disk cannot be
 written more than once, and also (probably) because it is
 conceptually different from a hard drive: the hard disk has
 cylinders, sectors,... while the CD-R has a single spiral
 track. It seems one cannot just copy files to a CD-R (even
 a multisession one); rather, one has to generate some "image"
 in the first place.

   Magneto-optical disks seem to be very flexible (their
 logical structure is like those of hard-disks, and they
 are rewritable) and work fine with Unix systems -- they
 can be mounted just like hard drives. So (?) they can be
 used with various powerfull filesystems.
 This seem to be the other extreme (the good one).

  Now, what happens with CD-RW and DVD-RAM ?
  Also, if you can spot any (conceptual) errors in my
 message, please do let me know!

  Thank you (a lot!). And please send me a copy of any
 meassage you post on the newsgroup.



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