HP Colorado 4000e

HP Colorado 4000e

Post by Svante Kleis » Sun, 05 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

Is someone successfully using the new tape station
from Hewlett-Packard "Colorado 4000e" (or the external "4000es")?

It gives 8GB compressed data on a "Travan" QIC cartridge.

                      Svante Kleist
        Nemesis SystemDesign - Stockholm, Sweden

              "COOL - it works with LINUX"


1. HP Colorado 5 or 8 GB success story, anybody?

I am interested in buying one of the above.
Acording to my understanding, those should work with the latest 2.2
kernel, using the IDE Tape ATAPI option.

Has anybody tried those and made them work?

I would really appreciate an answer before I jump...

Many thanks in advance.

Jean-Luc Fontaine

URCAM D'Aquitaine
1 rue Thodore Blanc  33049 Bordeaux Cedex


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