TEAC CD 55A with TEAC 16bit card -- Help

TEAC CD 55A with TEAC 16bit card -- Help

Post by Harvey G. Jon » Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone gotten a Teac CD-55A drive (proprietary interface)
to work?  I have it hooked up with Teac's own 16-bit ISA interface

This card works well with Windows 95 at address 0X0300H but is not
seen by sbpcd driver.  


I am using Slackware 2.X.

Any suggestions??




1. Need sbpcd.h & sbpcd.c setup for TEAC CD-55A using TEAC interface card!

        I just installed linux on my system, and I'm having the usual
difficulties setting up my system. I compiled a new kernel (1.2.9) in hopes
of correcting the problem, but that got me nowhere with respect to my CD-ROM.

        If I include support for the sbpcd in the config, the system can find
the drive but it hangs after trying to set /dev/hdb1 and simply stops. I've
tried setting the card address (0x320,0) in the lilo line (sbpcd=0x320,0)
which shortens the search time but does nothing else. Without sbpcd support,
the system boots fine (except for the tape drive support, which I'm still
working on).

        If anyone has a copy of sbpcd.h and sbpcd.c configured for this
combination that they could send via email, it would be greatly appreciated.


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