How to search for a lost ext2 filesystem?

How to search for a lost ext2 filesystem?

Post by FLORIAN SCHIE » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi there!

I've got a big problem and need some HELP!

I have a hdd running dos and linux. linux is in a logical partition on
hda. booting is via loadlin.
I used NovellDos's Fdisk to initialize a second hdd for dos and after
that my linux-partitions were removed from the partition tables.
I tried to fix it with a dos diskeditor by setting the tables manually,
but i'm not sure which cylinder is correct.

So what i'm asking is: does anyone know how to find a ext2 partition by
which entries whatever, or where to get software to find it or is there
a diskeditor existing (and where) to edit that on foot.
A search program sould work too, as all data and the superblock should
be ok up to now.

I have a backup-linux disk running now to access the other drives, so a
in-linux slolution would be best.

thanx in advance...



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During re-partitioning of my Linux system i lost the superblock of a
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Is there a way to recreate the superblock? e2fsck has an option to use
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