SCSI target mode driver to virtual disk

SCSI target mode driver to virtual disk

Post by Ulrich Prin » Tue, 06 May 2003 06:47:00

Hi there!

I am desperately searching for a SCSI target mode driver for an SCSI
controller. Other than the available tmds, I don't need IP over SCSI but
only that the pc running this driver reakts as a disk. Tha data stored
to it shuld be saved into a ext2 oder ext3 partition or a simple file.
As I have no knowledge in programming linux I am not able to do that on
my own and I hope someone has done that before. I found some hints on
other people searching for a solution like that but these news-snippets
are from 2000 and older.
I only program microcontroller in assembler but the way to build this
solution in hardware is much more work if a target mode driver still exists.
If you have any help or hint where to look, please respond. I spent over
3 days now following over 12000 google links and the only things i found
where phrases like "you only need to program a special driver..." "this
driver supports target mode for ip over scsi---" and things like that.
No code snippets, no solutions, no running systems.

Thanks in advance and best regards



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  Email any replies.  And thanks in advance.

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