Conner CFP 1060S SCSI-HD Bug

Conner CFP 1060S SCSI-HD Bug

Post by Wolfgang Koehl » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

A few days ago my Linux-PC totally crashed with damaged inode tables.
No e2fsck did help anymore :-{.
Then I read in the HOWTO's that the cause will probably be the Conner disk
(type CFP 1060S, 1GB), which has a erroneous firmware.
This should be upgradable by software.

Can anyone help me out with this software, or point me to a location where to
get it ???
My phone calls to Conner, Europe were quite frustrating. Customer support
is nearly ZERO.
They pointed me to their BBS, but there was nothing to find.
The telephone bill for this search will be some 40,- DM, for NOTHING !!

Never buy any Conner harware again !!!!

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1. Conner 1060S HD, 2.4 x86 failure! HELP....

Has *anyone* been able to load Solaris 2.4 x86 onto a Conner 1060S 1 GB

The setup is an  AST 486/33 Bravo with 16 MB, an Adaptec 1542CF and the
Conner with the machines BIOS turned off, the Adpatec card reset to defaults,
(Extended BIOS translation is disabled as is Dynamic scan SCSI BUS, as
well as BIOS support for more than 2 drives),  except for DMA channel set to
6 as stated in the Solaris guide.  

Now the problem.  After the install is completed, Solaris reboots and upon
coming up it complains about /etc/init.d. Looking at the directory with
ls -a comes back with ". not found".  At this point if I reboot /etc
gets more corrupt until on the third reboot fsck fails and the ufs
filesystem is shot. Running fsck manually wipes out all of /etc until
the sytem is useless.

This happens like clockwork each of the 3 times I have attempted
to install Solaris.  

I have done this using update4 disks as well as the original.

The system comes up and its a running system, only the /etc/init.d
directory is corrupt.

I used the Adpatec 1542CF card to Low Level format the drive.

Now what??? The drive is 2 days old and I'm not sure what to do.

*Any* help would be appreciated as this drive is for my home setup
and has come out of my pocket.


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