Trust sound expert de luxe 16 3d

Trust sound expert de luxe 16 3d

Post by Sergio Callegar » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know anything about the trust sound expert de luxe 16 3d?
It's a plug'n'play board with no dip switches, so I don't know if I can
use it with linux.
Currently I have an old kernel (1.2.7) and I'm sure I cannot activate
the ide interface on the board with it, but I wonder if a kernel upgrade
can let me use it.

                              Sergio Callegari


1. Trust Sound Expert de luxe 16 3D - any hope?

I've acquired a "Trust Sound Expert de luxe 16 3D" sound card. It _claims_
to be "Adlib, Soundblaster Pro 2 and Microsoft Sound System compatible",
and the readme file on the accompanying disk identifies the main hardware
as an "OPTi 82C924 MAD16". The board also has an Analog Devices AD1845JP
on it. I've not been able to get a squark out of it. I've tried all the
likely drivers in 1.2.13, and experimented with the MAD16 stuff in 1.3.45.

Any chance this card can be made to work with Linux? (I don't have DOS.)

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