Microsoft Inport Busmouse (c.1987-88)

Microsoft Inport Busmouse (c.1987-88)

Post by Will » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Does ANYONE have information on configuring an Inport Busmouse from
1987-88?!?! Yes, I've checked the Busmouse-HOWTO, and found that my mouse
would not work at all, and sometimes got incorrectly configured as a
Logitech, which would crash the system if the mouse was moved. Please



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Help please. I have a Microsoft Inport (Busmouse) configured for IRQ2.
I've changed the IRQ in busmouse.h to 9 to identify IRQ2. The ".h"
file has a number of other parameters for the Microsoft mouse; I don't
know how to set these. My NT operating system reports that the card is
at range 238-23B.

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