Help: Mounting Sony CDR-510 CDROM under Linux

Help: Mounting Sony CDR-510 CDROM under Linux

Post by Peter C Ols » Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for help in using a Sony CDU-510-12 CDROM under Linux.  I
recently bought a used drive and Model CDB-904 controller to use
running Linux of CDROM on my wife's computer --- but I can't get the
thing to work under either Linux *or* DOS.  I've tried both the Sony
Controller (which, if it makes any difference, is a full-length card
with a separate audio amplifier section and a "Phillips" sticker on
the back) and a SoundBlaster Pro --- but with no success either way.

I'll happily grovel for help (and also for any DOS drivers or




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1. sb16/SCSI2 + NEC CDR-510 + Micropolis SCSI disk won't boot

When I try to boot linux with the parameter aha152x=0x340,11,7,1 (or 0
as the last parameter), it works with just the CD-ROM, but it doesn't
work when the disk drive is also connected. The error I get is
something like SCSI0: target 2 lun 1 sense error, doing reset and then
it hangs. What is a lun used for? Why is the driver trying to access
luns > 0? Is there a way to prevent the driver from doing this?

The disk drive/CD-ROM combination works perfectly under MS-DOS, which
makes me think it is not a cable or terminator problem.



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