RH5.0: SCSI-FutureDomain install failure

RH5.0: SCSI-FutureDomain install failure

Post by Michael Col » Fri, 01 May 1998 04:00:00

RH5.0 install fails autoprobing a Future Domain TMC-1680
with 'kernel panic: Driver requires interuptions'

Can anyone point me to a source for module parameters or
offer any ideas on what the problem might be.

Michael Cole


1. RH5.1 install failure

I just added a new disk drive on which I want to install RH5.1.  I
have the drive installed and it seems to be working (e.g., I can do a
low-level format and run the diagnostics with my SCSI adapter on it)
but the RH install hangs.

My system configuration is the following:
P-166 with 32 MB RAM
original HD: 2.1 GB (Win95) on SCSI ID 0
new HD: 4.5 GB Quantum Viking SCA (80 pin) with 80 pin --> 50 pin
SCSI Adapter: Buslogic Flashpoint PCI SCSI Adapter (50 pin)
Display Adapter: Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Series (4.02.014)
Sound: Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 PnP
Monitor: ADI Microscan 5AP (17" Micron)

I can do the first part of the install, then I get a message at the
bottom of the screen indicating I am entering stage two.  I then
select my partitioning, format the swap space, select the partitions
to format and select the packages.  There are some messages about
creation of an \ext2 filesystem then an install status screen appears.
This screen shows the number and size of the selected packages and the
progress made.  For a while the packages are installed very quickly,
but then the install just hangs.  No progress is made, no error
messages, no control to escape out, nothing.  Just silence.  There is
mention of a log file put in /tmp, but I don't know how to access it
since the install never finishes.  Also, this hanging behavior also
occurs when I check for bad blocks on the swap space.  To avoid this
problem I did not check for bad blocks on subsequent attempts.

The partition scheme I would like is
/               100 MB
<swap>            100 MB
/usr            700 MB
/usr/local      100 MB
/home           2.0  GB
/back           1.0  GB

I have also tried simpler ones with no luck.  I have tried installing
various package configurations as well.  Even when installing no
packages or a limited number the install still hangs.

Any suggestions for what the problem might be or advise on how to
identify the problem?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Cliff

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