HP 855C Prints Dark

HP 855C Prints Dark

Post by Lant » Fri, 27 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hoping someone has seen this...I ran across a solution several
months ago but forgot where I saw it.

My DeskJet 855Cxi is printing through ghostscript/apsfilter, and
works like a champ.  Except that graphics (especially from xv) print
*extremely* dark.  I can bump the gamma on xv up to 3 and it still
doesn't quite look right.  Any suggestions?

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Cups configures and prints a pretty test page, but
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When I change to the HP DJ 550c driver I can print,
but wonder why the 855c driver spews.

Anyone have thoughts?

Duane Smeckert
google for good address

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