Cirrus Logic chip sets

Cirrus Logic chip sets

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Quote:>I know X Inside's server doesn't.  Dell picked a chipset for the Latitude that
>(to my knowledge) no one else is using.  We get calls about it, but only on

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I am using a Sharp laptop that uses the Cirrus CD-7543 chipset. This
chipset seems to become more and more popular for laptops. It is not
yet supported by XFree86 (and I don't know if it will be in future), but
there is a dirty hack available that works on my laptop and on other
machines too. Have a look at



1. Cirrus Logic chip sets

I'm about to buy a Dell Latitude XPi P90T (Pentium 90MHz notebook)
to run Linux with XFree86. The chip set is a Cirrus Logic CLGD7543.
The latest (9/12/95) XFree86 HOWTO lists all Cirrus Logic CLGD5***
and 6*** as supported, but doesn't have any 7*** model. Is it safe
to assume that the 7543 will work?? If not, is it safe to assume that
it will be supported in the near future?

Fred Rasio

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