Canon BJ200e - Caldera 2.2

Canon BJ200e - Caldera 2.2

Post by Mike Thom » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00

    I should probably have posted the following message to this group.
By the way, I have found that I can print to the Canon by cheating - I
set the printer to add a carriage control to a line feed, send whatever
want to print to a text file, and copy the file to /dev/lp0. But I'd
still like to find out how to do it right.

    I installed Caldera 2.2 last year and couldn't get my HP deskjet
printer working. I found out this was a "winprinter", and I'd never get
it working. I got my old Canon bubble jet BJ200e and hooked it up as a
second printer to my computer. I checked that everything was OK by
testing both printers from my Windows partition.
    I then booted to Linux as root and set up the Canon as my printer. I

tried printing a short file, and the Canon actually did print something.

But it mostly made beeping noises and printed pages of garbage, mostly
one line per page. I guess that's progress - I couldn't get the HP to do

    I noticed that both Lisa and COAS have only three Canon printers
listed - BJ10e, BJ200, and BJC600. My manual says that under Windows,
the BJ200 is the second best driver, so I picked that in Linux. I tried
the other two just to be sure, but had the same problem for both - lots
of beeping and garbage.
    If anyone has used this printer with Linux, or has any suggestions,
please let me know.


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