special function key killing v.consoles in laptop

special function key killing v.consoles in laptop

Post by Carlos M. Puch » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

hi, when i press a Fn key (next to alt) in my laptop's keyboard
along with say, f9, the lcd screen lights up, with f8 it
darkens. and so on for function keys from f4 to f12.

then problem is that when i press fn and one of f1 to f3,
all the consoles freeze. i have to reboot. the machine can
be acessed from the network if it is hooked up and it is
not dead, but very healthy.

anyone know of a solution to this?

it s "ProStar" 406dx2-66.

thanks in advance,

-- carlos


1. laptop special function keys did not work under linux (suse 8.2)

Hi all,

after an update from suse linux 7.3 to suse linux 8.2 (kernel 2.4.20)
my special functions key do not work anymore. Normaly
FN + F3 switch off sound, FN+F6 makes the display darker ....
But all the keys have no effect now. It is not depend on
X or console login :-(((

I have no idea where I can search for that problem.


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