Call for Hayes ESP beta testers

Call for Hayes ESP beta testers

Post by Andrew Robinso » Wed, 01 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am seeking for beta testers for the newest release of the Hayes ESP
serial card drivers (version 2.0).  The driver is currently available
only as a module for 2.0.x, but will soon be available for 2.1.x
also.  The new version includes support for PIO mode, which is
required for the 8 port version of the ESP.

I am especially interested in testers who would be able to test the 8
port support in real world applications.  If you do not have an 8
port card, but would be able to test it in a "real world" situation,
then a card may be provided to you for testing purposes.  Just tell me
how you plan to test.



1. Call for OpenLinux Beta Testers

Call for OpenLinux Beta Testers

Caldera, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming BETA cycle for its
Caldera OpenLinux(TM) Standard 1.1 product.  OpenLinux Standard is
built upon Caldera's currently shipping OpenLinux Base product and
includes the following additional commercial components:

+ Netscape FastTrack Server 2.01
+ NetWare Administration Utilities
+ upgrade to Netscape Navigator Gold 3.01

Caldera is interested in finding qualified testers for this BETA
program that will provide meaningful feedback in unique areas of
industry usage for our product.

If you are interested in participating in this BETA program please
e-mail or fax us your e-mail address (if you have one), your fax
number (if you have one), and a phone number where you can be
contacted.  Faxes should be sent to (801) 377-8752.  Requests via

whether our communications with you should be via fax or e-mail.

After we receive your request for participation we will either fax
or e-mail a form to you requesting additional information from which
qualified BETA testers will be chosen. Those who are chosen will be
notified via the communication channel specified. The BETA product
will include CD-ROM and hard copy documentation that will be shipped
to the participants. This will be the only way the product will be
distributed for this BETA.

Those actively participating in the program will receive a free copy
of the Caldera OpenLinux Standard 1.1 when it ships.

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