Q: Linux with AMD586

Q: Linux with AMD586

Post by C. Olivie » Thu, 06 Mar 1997 04:00:00


  Is Linux running on AMD586 Processor ?
Thanks to mail me if you know.

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Q: Linux with AMD586

Post by Mr R Farfaraki » Sat, 08 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I'm running Linux on my AMD586-133 with no problems at all.

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1. AMD586 problems

Based on some mail I've received my earlier comments might
have been too brief, so here's a complete rundown:

     AMD 586/133 MHz
     16MB memory (4x 4MB 32-pin SIMM)
     PCI SCSI controller
     VESA NE2000 ethernet controller
     (old) ISA video card
     (old) SB sound card

     hda: 517 MB disk containing Linux partitions
     hdb: 2.0 GB disk containing several Win95 partitions (for work)

     LILO is installed on hda and set up to boot Linux 2.0.20, 1.2.13,
     or Windows 95 with a secondary MBR on /dev/hdb.


  1. The system boots Windows 95 without problems
  2. The system boots Linux 1.2.13 without problems.
  3. The system DOES NOT boot Linux 2.0 from hard disk.  Period.
  4. A 2.0 kernel which boots my 486 system does not boot
     the 586 system from the HD.
  5. The system DOES boot Linux 2.0 from floppy, either from
     the Slackware distribution or by using "make zdisk".
  6. The results do not change even if I strip the system
     down to a minimal configuration.  It's not simply the
     presence of the SCSI and Ethernet cards.

It seems that the problem is related to the combination of
LILO, Linux 2.0.x, and possibly related drivers.  Take any
one out (LILO->boot from floppy, 2.0->boot 1.2.13) and the
system runs fine.

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