Help with Funai CD-E2420 cdrom drive..

Help with Funai CD-E2420 cdrom drive..

Post by Youn » Thu, 13 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a FUNAI E2420 x2 speed cdrom drive that works with
SoundBlaster Pro card...  I am unable to use any of the
precompiled kernels and I can't find a patch for this drive.
Anyone have any clues?



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1. Info on funai cd-e2420

Could any one in the US or Japan please get me some spec. on the Funai
CD-E2420 2x cdrom, so that I can complete my linux driver (wich now can
handle almost all "audio-ioctls" ...)

Fredrik Markstr=F6m                         Phone: ++46 920 15842
K=E5rhusv. 5:811 / 977 54 Lule=E5  =

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