Linux Comptatible Modems Identified

Linux Comptatible Modems Identified

Post by H.R. Moran, Jr » Fri, 07 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I just thought these two groups might like to know.


1. Identify this modem...

I recently bought a system direct, and it came with a generic
33.6 PNP modem. Just to avoid any hassles, I replaced it with
a USR Sportster internal 33.6 (funny how Linux folks *want*
hardware with jumpers...)

Now I have this thing (it calls itself a CPI 33.6 PNP) and I'm
looking to sell it/give it to someone, and am wondering if it
is, in fact, a Winmodem (I'd hate to misrepresent it if I sell it).
I ask this there is a large chip on the board that says "Rockwell",
so I got to wondering. So, is there any easy, reliable way to tell
if this is a Windows-only modem, or if an enterprising Linux user
can get it working with the pnp tools.


-Greg Yantz

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