Adaptec AIC-7860 (was Re: Scsi Adaptec 2940U2W + linux (slackware 3.5))

Adaptec AIC-7860 (was Re: Scsi Adaptec 2940U2W + linux (slackware 3.5))

Post by Stuart Nutta » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>> It's a new Adaptec 2940U2W card and I used the aha2x4x.s boot disk to
>> install slackware 3.5 kernel 2.0.34. but when I boot up, linux finds
>> (from dmesg):

>> scsi : 0 hosts
>> scsi : detected total

>> and in /proc/scsi/scsi:
>> Attached devices: none

>> If it did work, what would it come up as in the /proc/ioports? or how
>> do I know that linux has detected it.

>> I have checked many newsgroups & the scsi howtos as well

>> but there weren't much info about installing the 2940.

>Last time I checked (3 months ago), Ultra2 Wide SCSI was
>not supported.

Does anyone know if this is correct, because I've just bought a Dell
PowerEdge with Adaptec AIC-7890s and AIC-7860 (CD-ROM card) with a view to
installing Linux (and unfortunately NT!) and Oracle - I'll be a bit gutted
if Linux can't install on it.

Both RedHat 5.2 and Slackware 3.6 completely hang the machine when trying to
detect it; I can't even turn the machine off using the power button!

I've checked on the Adaptec web site and they don't have any info on Linux -
only SCO I think.



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Hi, can anyone please tell me whether AIC-7860 will work with
AHA2X4X.S?  I have tried it with no luck.  It said 0 SCSI host.  I read
the hardware compatible HOWTO and said that it only supports AIC-7870.
So how about AIC-7880 (2940UW)?  Have anyone got it work?  Please help!
I really need to get it work ASAP.

Thank you very much for your time.


PS: I'm using slackware distribution.  Maybe other distribution will

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