Exabyte Eagle 96 tape errors

Exabyte Eagle 96 tape errors

Post by Bill Cri » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I've just started using an Exabyte Eagle 96 tape drive and have
three Exatape MC3020 tapes. The first tape worked fine about 3
times and then I started getting a media error pretty far into the
tape. I've used the second tape once and it appeared fine. Today
I tried the third tape, and it couldn't get past the very beginning
of the tape. It just kept winding back and forth.
   I had been tar'ing to the tape with no compression, but when
this last tape failed so completely, I booted up DOS and tried to
use the tape with the Arcada backup software that came with the
tape drive. It too could not get past the beginning of the third
   These tapes are factory formatted, which I was once told is at
least sometimes better than doing it yourself. Nevertheless, since
the third tape was such a complete failure, I'm formatting it now
using QBACKUP in the hope that things will get better. This is
going to take about 7 and a half hours!
   So, my questions are: Are other people having trouble with these
tapes? If so, does reformatting do any good? And finally, are the
tapes themselves really likely to be the problem, or might this
actually be some other problem?
   When booted in Linux I'm using the ftape driver to run the
tape drive. Since the problem appears to be virtually identical in
both DOS and Linux I have to assume that it's either the tapes or
the drive that's a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Bill Cripe


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