Pinnacle PCTV Studio -- no sound

Pinnacle PCTV Studio -- no sound

Post by Philipp Fran » Mon, 07 Apr 2003 02:03:11

Hi there!

I recently bought a pinnacle pctv studio tv card, and its working (I
can watch tv via xawtv, i.e. I can select channels and watch these)
but without sound. I've been trying for hours to find the right tuner
and stuff, but for the sound... I can't find much relevant info
anywhere about what I have to do to get sound working.

Now here's what I have:
*working sound card (I shouldn't run esd when watching tv, right?)
*the modules:
Msp3400 is for the sound, the sound-faq included in the kernel source
just says that if you can load that, fine, you've got sound...
* a fine debian woody system with kernel 2.4.18 (self-compiled). the
release notes for bttv say version 0.7.x (no, I'm not sure, but that's
the only info I could find)

Oh, and yes, I connected the line-out of the tv-card with the line-in
of the sound-card. The volume of xawtv is at 98%.

I'd really appreciate any help.