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I am looking for an ethernet adapter, a SCSI host adapter and a accelerated
video card for my system.  They have to be PCI cards.  I have heard some baad
things about getting linux to work with intels Etherexpress pro/100 cards.  I
would like a card with this cards features and about the same price, but I
need to know that it really works w/linux.  Also can any one tell me anything
about Western Digitals  WD7296 & WD7296F SCSI cards and getting them set up
w/linux.  Last but not least I have no idea what brand video card I should get
 that xfree86 supports for 1600x1280 resolution at 24bpp.  I have heard
somthing about Matrox cards that can handle this and are expandable to 8Meg of
ram.  Any thoughts on the subject? Please let me know.  Also feel to recomend
any other cards you can think of.

1. need to learn hardware troubleshooting - sound hardware conflict

I seem to have a port conflict problem then installing my soundcard:
 sam9407[#0:st128pci]: I/O port 0xfcf2 already in use

This seems to be a good oppurtunity for me to learn hardware
troubleshooting, but I don't?know the diagnostic commands to check
IRQs, port-use etc.

Could someone please tip me on a good resource, or simply give me a
tip of useful commands / methods.

Or - if you feel like it - help me with my specific problem:
 Card: Soundtrack 128DDMA
 Module sam9407 loaded ok in the kernel, and the devs
 /dev/sam[01]_* exist.

The problem might be that my on-soundcard-board 72-pin RAM sucks but
I'm not sure.

Martin Helmer

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